Pier calculations

Pile moment capacity

Calculation of pile moment

Type of pile

Type of pile


Bored cast in-situ

Stiffness is different

Depth of fixity (for Seismic case)

L1=L_1 = Height above ground level of lateral Forces

T=(EI/hh)1/5T = ( E * I/h_h)^{1/5}

Maximum moment in pile

Fixed end moment in pile is given by, MF=Q(L1+LF)/2M_F = Q * (L_1 + L_F) / 2

(For fixed head piles, refer to IS 2911 (part 1/Sec 2-2010) Cl. C.4.3 of Appendix C)

Actual maximum moment in pile is given by, M=mMFM = m * M_F

From IS: 2911 (Part 1/ Sec 2-2010), from fig. 5b of Append. C, corresponding to L1/TL_1 / T .

Maximum moment in pile, m=12.29Qm = 12.29 * Q

Pile moments are calculated in this fashion in this book.

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