Being unemployed

A narrative about being unemployed for a while and how to keep going

It feels uncomfortable, missing something important from our lives, people we need to answer.

Adding to that, lack of self-discipline, inconsistency, the need to pay bills and a demand to stay sane. You are aware that without job, we might get broke or lose daily routine, social circle but still we want/forced to be unemployed.

Now, we accept the fact that we need to take complete control of our work lives. Sometimes harder.

How to keep living even after unemployment

  1. Maintaining the self discipline and keep track of our work, no matter even we work for an hour a day.

  2. Keep the social circle, and not taking a drastic changes in circle. This would keep at least the important aspect of our day intact.

  3. Invest in knowing our own thoughts - Be original.

  4. Believe that we can change the world, sometimes even to a smaller extent - Change and Contingency.

  5. Be kind to yourself. You are not to blame, even if you feel you are responsible.

Keep building things

  1. No matter how it feels in a day. Wake up in the morning, freshen up, brush teeth, take a bath. And start the day's work.

  2. About what to work on, start with a list of three items. Once we start completing them one by one, the next tasks will be visible. And we could change our direction to a promising place.

  3. Not everything needs to be built to completion. In Highway design, many roads are designed to 85% of the vehicles speed that they travel. Start with the topic, build it, note it down and if you are inclined rebuild it.

  4. I found that walking/physical activity (if possible, outdoors) helps a lot with thinking and comprehending the complex things.

Stay in touch with social circle

  1. Talk to parents, loved ones, friends.

  2. Avoid talking to the people who drastically changes our mood.

  3. Stay away from anxiety inducing situations, and have plans for them. As they normally happen.

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