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Do not spoil your mental peace over Uber or whatnot. The more big a company grows, the more difficult it is to get a fair service to the last person. It is hard to get, but not impossible. It is the inbuilt feature (unintentional) of any socially distributed system. The more “attention” you give to a brand either good or bad, the more powerful it grows.

Even if you are the founder of the company (take Travis Kalanick for example, there are places where he got into arguments with taxi drivers!. Arguing is not always bad.), you will still face some painful incidents at one time or another with these high scale service providers.

Be prepared that you might get a less than satisfactory service at one time or other and that you wouldn’t even be able to get support for that.

Customer services nowadays use a strategy called “Just respond with template message — you will be fine. Do not apologize. Make it difficult for the customer to vent their concerns.”

These are opportunities for you to build the next company to take away this frustration.

For example,

Netflix — when its founder “Reed Hastings” got a $40 late fine for a DVD.

Clove Dental — when its founder “Amarinder Singh” found the dental treatment conditions unhygienic. This list goes on.

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