Maintain it all day and every day

Personal Hygiene

  1. Make sure you brush your teeth twice on a daily basis. Dental hygiene is very crucial as you teeth get easily damaged if not cared for properly.

  2. Make sure you bath daily, and depending on weather conditions, don't shy away from bathing twice if you have to. Bathing is really important, especially in a city where humidity and pollution breeds bacteria faster.

  3. Wear a clinical mask if you are travelling through highly polluted areas. Exposure to pollutants on a regular basis can increase the toxin levels in your body and lead to respiratory issues.

  4. Always wear a fresh set of clothes. Wearing the same clothes without washing them can lead to skin disorders.

  5. Always keep your genitals extremely clean. It is easy for bacteria and infections to spread from there.

  6. Wash your hands in regular intervals. We end up touching a lot of unclean places almost every few minutes.


I use Dettol to hand wash everyday after eating, once in a half day, after coming from outside, after eating or before using gadgets.


Skin is the first line of defence from the outside world. Every day it comes in contact with pollutants, germs and bacteria. Keeping the skin clean and healthy is important to make sure this protective barrier function stays intact.

Surrounding Hygiene

How can we keep our surrounding hygienic:

  1. Dispose waste as soon as you can. If waste material is not handled properly, it can lead to the outbreak of deadly diseases like Pneumonia, Jaundice, and Tuberculosis. History has been a proof that most of the epidemics has caused due to improper waste disposal.

  2. Always keep your home clean. Keep your toilet and kitchen germ free.

  3. Do not dispose waste nearby residential areas.

  4. Never spit or urinate in public places.

Public Transport

Keep washing your hands

Wear gloves. All you need is to make sure that you wash your hands whenever you get to your destination. Make sure you wash your hands before eating food or making contact with your face.

Carry Tissues

This helps in more than on way. It will come handy when you are about to sneeze as well as someone else around you starts sneezing. If a colleague or a stranger around is sneezing, press the tissue to your nose for 30 seconds and keep your eyes shut. Also, antibacterial multi-use wipes can assist in instant clean-up of your face and hands.

Stay away from your cell phone.

Today, we are constantly in touch with our gadgets; laptops, computers, and tablets. While we spend time on these, we need to make sure that the surface and screens of all our gizmos are clean, especially the ones that come in close contact with the face. Also, try to avoid bringing your phone out if there is too much pollution.

Change clothes as soon as you reach home

Majority of the people have the habit of lazing on their sofa for hours in our street clothes. However, this increases the risk of you transmitting the germs to your sofa, couch, or even your bed. So, make sure you change into your favorite home clothes as soon as you reach home. To ensure maximum hygiene, add a capful of hygiene liquid while doing your laundry.

Timing is the key

This may sound wishful, but, travelling in public transport when it is less crowded can really add more stars to your hygiene. The simple logic being, the lesser the people, fewer the chances of contagious bacteria around you. Moreover, it is always better to find empty space in otherwise overcrowded bus, metro, or trains. Try leaving your home slightly early if you are a daily commuter.

Another effective way of reducing human contact while commuting is by using smartcard. This way you wouldn't have to stand in long queues and stand close to people who might be carrying bacteria in their body.

Drink safe water

Always carry adequate water from home before you start commuting. Drinking contaminated water can lead to water borne diseases such as cholera, typhoid, and hepatitis. If the water facilities on your way are not satisfactory, always go for packaged drinking water.

Wear gloves

You would look silly in summers, but this is the season when the humidity levels are high which together with pollution makes you irresistible for bacteria. Wearing gloves safeguards you whenever you touch poles, seats and handlebars, which are also touched by everyone else. Simply put, you are avoiding skin contact wherever possible.

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