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Read and write email

The complex task of crafting a readable email
Really, do we need to learn reading emails? - Yes. Normally, people read emails for 25% of their workday. So, it make sense to learn how to read and write them in such a way as to keep the discussion concise and responsive.

Few points to understand

  1. 1.
    It takes some time to read email
  2. 2.
    Email to be crafted with a list of expectation and responses in mind
  3. 3.
    Email provides some breathing space for us to think
  4. 4.
    Emails are not meant for instant communication


  1. 1.
    We need to thought through the information, do some work and revert back.

Email checklist for reply or writing

  • You read the emails or related info
  • Have done some concrete work

Email Etiquette

Five well known rules for writing emails


Practice email writing at


CC - Carbon Copy
BCC - Blind Carbon Copy

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