Humans and software

The comparison and analogy between humans and the computer software

Why humans are better

We (the humans) are better than we think we are, but we articulated it externally.

Engineering the Software

Software is an articulation of the understanding of humans their problem-solving approaches. It is the contemplation of humanity.

The software is the collective human thought, logic, understanding, and endeavour. It has no conflicting objectives, which are inherent in the human brain. It manifests in the daily applications (also called app) in mobile phones, IoT devices, an app finding a date, and all things software.

Let us take an example of the app finding a date. It contains information about what society wants, legal restrictions, personal preferences, geographic preferences and the like.

Reverse Engineering

Since most human efforts focused on automation for the last century, producing a lot of software code, including some striking advances in automobiles, rocket science, and robotics.

Now, it is our turn to contemplate our actions with the information gained from engineering all these years. And process the mined ideas from our past to filter out time-specific aggregates and to derive actionable insights into what we could do further with our lives, the earth.

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