Change and Contingency

Do we have the same opportunities, as others?

Boring discussion

If we faced with a question as to whether we could build a software like Microsoft Windows, then the response would be

  • now we don't need Windows right!

  • or there is demand for operating system

This line of thinking comes from an understanding that change is constant and a belief that we can't write the history, because history is something that people in the past could write. But, what we need to look into more closely is that change happens all the time (the image below).

Few concrete works






Mechanical Engineering

Function, use case


Software Engineering / Code

Code changes

How to Build confidence

Start with the daily work that we are doing, see the small changes that are happening:

  • Updating a wallpaper on screen

  • An effort into reading more about the work we do

  • Watching a movie

These small tasks provide a small changes, which helps us take the further dependent tasks.

Do we have the opportunity

Yes. But, it is not obvious most of the time. Depending on the problem we are solving the ingredient differ and the way feels as it is not there.

We do have all contingency of the past i.e., we all have the time and place appropriate opportunities (which do not seem like they are). Once we build enough confidence and work through it, things change.

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