Saving money without money

some ways to save money without having todo with money


1. Write down your needs

It is important for us know our consumption and lifestyle choices. Once we have list like that we will be able to know where our spending goes.

2. Know about maintenance

  • We can repair earphones, mobile phone with out having to buy new ones

  • Wash hand towels use, and keep surfaces clean

  • Invest in learning about aesthetics and minimalism

Learn about deep cleaning

  • We can deep clean our home, once every three months

  • Our PC, our teeth, and our relationships are all up for deep cleaning once in a while

  • Buy on a case-by-case basis items like cable protector to increase durability.

3. Cook only enough to eat

  • Once we know how to estimate our food correctly, we tend to do the same with the time that we have.

  • Use only the required amount of water, even though the water is generally free (less costly).

4. Break down work into steps

Write down anything that you are going to do more than once. For example,

So that, the pieces are in one place and we could organize and improve now.


1. Know about people

2. Master everyday things

Anything that you do regularly can be and need to be mastered.

  • If you cook everyday, see how to use knife better and simplify the recipes

  • If you design everyday, write down the design process and keep a daily schedule for improvement

3. Use colors

Know about the colors. Use color codes for each day. For example,

  • Monday - Blue

  • Tuesday - Green

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