Be original

Can we improve our originality with practice?

Let us explore the concept a bit, originality is often associated with things that are either made from scratch or made with solid input from the originator. The originator can verify their work contentedly and with certain familiarity. It does involve an amount of time and effort.

The things to which originality applies: People, thoughts, things, concepts.

Why original

Why do we need to be original? - Looking at this question more closely, why we don't need to be unoriginal. After a sense accomplishment with the objective at hand, we tend to think more clearly of its intricacies - the process, the properties, and the incomprehensible material that is inherent but discloses itself over time and with an involved effort.

Although being unoriginal feels okay and easy for a while, going through the work for more time makes work uninteresting, creates a fear of surprise and consequent lethargy.

Do I have a choice? - If the objective for one is to simplify life, the originality is the best path forward and a good deal compared to the loss done for one's emotional wellbeing and anxiety associated.

How to be original

Did you crosscheck something such as an answer paper, an email before sending, or a bit of intentional preparation for a presentation? - then you are being original.

Since the tasks mentioned above can be practiced so does the task of being original.






Writing a presentation

  1. Have an outline.

  2. Stick to it, change often, rewrite/improve.

  3. Get a consensus before a presentation



  1. Do you need to send an email?

  2. Write the email body first as if you are writing to questions that this email should answer

  3. Write/rewrite subject based on the body

  4. Mention the expectation from the reader in clear lines.

For example, Read and write email



  1. Do you need to write new or refactor existing?

  2. Add working code with a test case

  3. Improve code with involved test cases


Processing emotions

  1. Have sometime for acknowledging (write it down on a piece of paper) certain feeling

  2. You will get the grip over that feeling after a few tries

  3. Take the help of a book or a friend to systematically approach

  4. Find the possible causes, circle around the seemingly relevant ones.

  5. Wait until you get mastery with time

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