Known Nokia 7.1 problems

Well known problems and possible fixes

These are the issues I have faced firsthand, these issues may not be generic. Discretion advised. Some of the problems are not specific to Nokia 7.1 only, they are the inherent problems for a number of mobile phones.

Battery charging

Battery percentages change abruptly. This can also be due to software errors.

Cost: Its replacement would cost around 2,000 to 3,000 INR

Charging Port

Due to the charging that comes with the mobile the USB C pin won't hold the mobile charging port firmly. Over time, may be in an year or two you would experience that you might need to slightly adjust the cable to the port to actually charge.

Cost: Its replacement would cost around 500 INR

Phone App

The Phone app sometimes does not work properly. The front sensor for switching off screen light when held against ear does not work sometimes. Occasionally, you would receive a phone call and you would only notice sound, on the screen you won't find any call prompt.

Fix: Update phone app only after reading a bit about it.


I use Wi-Fi Hotspot, which causes the battery charge to runout a bit faster. And accelerated temperature change.

The phone gets heated fast in normal, or warm environments. So, try to avoid phone back cover if possible. In winter months, you won't notice the warmth.

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