Emotional weather

Weather is a set of conditions and the state of elements (air, water, soil, temperature, and materials).



  • rain drops

  • black clouds

  • wet/humid air

  • white/no clouds

  • sun presence

  • Higher temperature

The same applies to our emotions

Emotions are a set of conditions or a state, that have an impact on thought process, physical feeling, energy levels, sense of self, confidence (our position in the environment).


The emotional weather cycle can be in hours and may not be regular/irregular based on our activities.

While, the atmospheric weather will have a cycle of few months, with a daily localized changes.

What are our elements

Water (75% of the body composition), air, food, external (health, human influence, environmental influence). The elements, in a state of flux, defines weather.

Since the above elements vary so does our emotional weather.


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