What is in my hands

What can I do

at the moment for the better. You cannot influence other directly by telling them what to do or what not to do. They will just say, "who are you?". For this reason, be sure to know what you are doing.

0 Be healthy

Focus on your health first. Take care of essentials.

1 Work diligently in your own domain

You need to work and build a good record for excellence in your field. Earn some money to keep yourself secure, get immunity from people with power, or unexpected events.

2 Make a well-informed choice

With the information you have, make a good choice, support causes that help for the better.

3 Build and maintain a social circle

People who support you in your endeavors, critics who keep you in check, if possible family.

4 Cognizant of the issues

Be notified of all the relevant documents, hearings without any emotional attachment or prejudice. Build competence in reading the records and analyzing them critically.

How should I be

About people in the position to take decisions of social importance

Intelligently skeptic

Apply the basic checks systematically to understand what people have in their minds. Understand their words and actions, request RTI from the last few years.

Basics of screening

Screen the candidates on the basis of proved methods of merit and never skip the preliminary screening out of intuition.

Political risk

Higher taxes, insecurity for my next generation and me, loss of dignity, detentions.

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