9 to 5 vs 4 hour workweek

Why 9 to 5 is relevant and important

It is after the hard effort and craftsmanship that needs to be put in for a good product to happen. The expertise and proper skills required to execute on a plan that would if after sufficient machinery could turn into a startup. If the product-market-fit is achieved then the startup would become sustainable.

The skillset gained from the day-to-day systematic work over a long period time, would add and improve skills in both interpersonal and technical domains.

This four hour workweek might work for few people, but for many it is dangerous. Because it belittles the effort needed for completing a task complex or otherwise.

Building a product from a cheap dev house, or hiring a college graduate to code an app would necessarily could only go to an extent. Entrepreneur's task is not only to go for meeting events or pitches, and outsourcing core product, but to involve in every step of the core product, build skillset with the new problems faced everyday,

A sound understanding of the terrain where we are actually operating on whether it is at the periphery or at the important locations that could drive an important function. Any session - a coffee meet or conference does not provide an academic like situation where the return on investment (time and presence) would be there.

There needs to be an agenda, a list of items that we need to cross and the academic deep work (reading, calculation and practice) to do.

Ingredients of an important workpiece - Understanding of the problem domain, clear understanding of the concepts, intensity of effort, long hours of work, resilience, skill set (sometimes gained by years of learning and practice), discipline.

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