Life skills by 25

Can you ask questions?

How do you say it - "Please do it" or "Can you do that?". Do you know the difference between statement and a question?

Ability to focus on one thing for long time

If you have a job, that will do. Else, do you have something that you do regularly?. This one gives us a sense of importance.

How to let go of people

Hard way or soft way can you let go of people (colleagues, job roles, relationships), when things doesn't work out even after a reasonable effort?

Price of groceries and how to bargain?

Can you bargain on the groceries for discount?. Can you ask that shop sales person to give refund for an unsatisfactory purchase?

How to say No?

Can you say a plain "No" to a sales person politely?. Can you say a "No" to a colleague request for help, when you have sufficient work yourself?.

Money and Savings

You know that savings are important, no matter how much you earn.

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