How to build products

Work from the solution

Solve the intended problem roughly by a little bit crude, easy and quick methods. Then build a stack around the solution with new info gathered about the problem.

For example, for a courses website build a static page with content at one place. Get some traffic. While the traffic is enroute, you have a bit of time to build a more sophisticated stack.

About other kind of websites, first see whether you are getting some impressions at all. Start with the starters such as google sites, gitbook, fastpages etc. Keep them going, once sufficient traffic and products are managed then create a tech stack.

Keep working on one thing at a time

Do not get swept away by a number of things. Keep at one task at a time. Be determined and focused.


Challenge - treat problems as a challenge, not as a paralyzing event. Look at failures and mistakes as lessons to be learned from, opportunities for growth. Do not view them as a negative reflection on their abilities or self-worth.

Commitment - Resilient people are committed to their lives and goals. They have compelling reasons to get out of the bed every morning. This commitment spans across relationships, friendships, the causes they care about and their belief which are founded on a base of deep pessimism.

Personal control - Resilient people focus their time and attention on the things they have control over (in social and workplace settings). Spending time worrying about uncontrollable things (court cases, news, detentions, coups etc.)

Explanatory style

Permanence - With optimistic approach these people view effects of bad events as temporary. For example, "My work is not accepted" rather than "My work will never make it into the project".

Pervasiveness - Resilient people don't let setbacks or bad events affects their unrelated areas of life. For example, "I am not good at this" instead of "I am not good at anything".

Personalization - People do not completely held themselves responsible, they would consider external conditions, support received for understanding why they couldn't complete the work.

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