Que sera sera

What will be, will be! - Do we really have the control we think?

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After learning how to use Chrome browser, and different options of it - I feel like I know a lot about web.

Especially, when I am using the incognito browser as if I am hidden from the internet while the reality is that web addresses that I enter is like a open book that people can intercept.


We definitely do have control over our personal life, but to what extent and with what kind of effort? - is to be considered.

Personal life

Friends - Our friends do what they think they want to do, they chose to be with us vice versa. Don't I have a thinking at times that our friends are influenced a lot by us.

Body - We can with effort do change. Over the internet we do see a number, of 1 in 1000s of people, of examples. This gives us an thought that we have control over body with food, and other efforts sometimes.


Often our span of control is within the confines of the job description. If we are a data engineer with a managerial position our span of control would most likely be up to 5 people. But, there are a lot of departments even for the charismatic personality to influence. I do feel like I have more control over the so many things, we do if we ask people the desk we need and the timings etc. Many people don't ask, right?


Yes, we have control. But, 1 in population of a country i.e., 1:1000 000 000.


Yes, we have control. How, (the ticket price) / (total cost of hosting the match + pay to various parties).

So what now

Circle of competence

The circle in which we have better control.

  • If we are a bridge designer, in the design phase of the project we can design and deliver drawings

  • A highway designer, ability to shape a city transport and map to an extent. Which could further influence the land improvement along.

Other than the circle of competence, it is Que sera sera.

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