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Civil distance

Sufficient distance in time and space necessary in a relation
A distance in feelings, physical with another person or thing to develop a right kind of mechanism for its function.


  • Decrease friction between entities
  • Gives space for medium (ether) to intervene in order to develop the right kind of field.
  • Businesses to flourish
  • Create a long term relationship with neighbors, colleagues and entities.
  • Acts as a buffer, to accommodate any urgencies, or inevitabilities
  • Take account of the vulnerabilities of people or things involved, acknowledge warmly and accept the difficulties charitably.


  • Because demanding much control over circumstances can be challenging
  • This can be attributed to the characteristic of the human mind. (But, also of entities)
  • There is a lot (a good number, difficult to control) of uncertainty around the functions of the entities and their reliability.

For caution

  • It is better to know the depth before diving in
  • Polite distance
  • Caution
  • airtime (sufficient airtime for reaching a decision)
  • take time
  • take a deep breath