Online shopping rules

Know the standard price. A good quality mobile phone generally costs about 10,000 rupees onwards. So, it is important to start from that anchor. Without this we will be taking on a false anchor that the sellers provide.


  • Do not shop when you are tired. If you feel like online shopping when you are tired to get refresh then only add the items to the wish list. The next day or time when you are feeling refreshed choose the items you would want to from the wish list. Most probably out of 10 wish list items, you would buy one or two.

  • Do not buy anything on sale like festival sales. So, to take advantage of this well before a month or two check the item price that you wanted to buy and can wait some time for a better price. Come to the sale day - if the sale price is lesser than the standard price you checked a month or two before buy it. Else, it doesn't matter when you buy it!

Have a wish list

  • you want to buy something out of curiosity, and a hope that it would solve a problem or two of yours.

  • It is a nice to have instead of a must have

  • It's functionality may be fulfilled by some other multi purposed product which can also do this task.

Have a need list

  • These items are the necessities you have already allocated budget for.

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