Words in Computer Science

Vocabulary commonly using CS

Buffer pool

An area of memory into which data pages are read, modified, and held during processing


Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor

Code point

A 1-byte code representing one of 256 potential characters


In UNIX systems (Linux), a long-lived process

  • runs unattended to perform continuous or periodic system-wide functions

  • Daemons can be triggered automatically for execution of tasks

Data type

The properties and internal representation that characterize data


  • An error condition in which further process cannot continue because each of two elements of the process is waiting for an action by or a response from the other.

  • Unresolvable contention for the use of a resource


An attribute of data representation that reflects how certain multi-octet data is stored in memory.


A device or program used to connect networks or systems with different network architectures. The system can have different

  • Protocols

  • Network architecture

  • security policies

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