How to lead a mediocre life

Do not learn anything new. Do not do any physical activity. Do not walk or run. You do not have ambition for the next two years. Do not improve your speaking skills.
Treat your present situation as permanent and accept it. Do not new ideas. Do not take any risks. Marry so that you can feel stable without a good earning.
Have a mental rut over everything in a day. Have petty fights and Binge-watch TV shows or movies. Expect the money to come to you, but do not make any effort. Get attached to the place where you are staying. Be disappointed with the job. Do the same kind of tasks repeatedly. Have unrealistic goals and never make any progress in achieving them. Believe that you can achieve anything. You take others achievements lightly, thinking you can also achieve.
Be chronically tired. Be without energy. You have great thoughts, do not take the first step because you might not be that good.
Do not work on your emotional intelligence and workplace skills. Do not read how to navigate human interactions in family and workplace contexts. Do not try to have a clear idea of what is happening around you. Have a narrative based on whichever news source is comfortable to you. You do not practice healthy scepticism.
You do not eat healthy food regularly. You do not have good personal body hygiene, oral hygiene, and digital hygiene. You do not keep track of your account balances and transactions. You do not know your monthly expense. You do not have money to survive a few months without a job. You do not have a practical way of looking at life. You hate your job. After work, you come home, eat and sleep.
You follow romanticism. You check your email 100 times a day, even though you are sure such an adventure was never successful. You are constantly interrupted. You dread boredom and want to be surrounded by fireworks all the time.
Your attention span is transient. You are impatient and expect things to happen in no time.
You depend on your friends for happiness. You do not have much concern for your self-worth.