5 Percent rule

From today make it your mission to look for anywhere or everywhere to cutback on costs just 5 percent.




Watching Movies, Videos, songs


Talking on the phone


Having a shower


Driving a bicycle


Drinking a glass of water

First, aware of the hidden costs in activities, things. By looking closely enough, you will notice just about everything in life costs you money and when you realize this you will see opportunities to cutback costs by 5%.

The cost of being poor

Assets and disposable income, would help us near to opportunities.

People without assets or disposable income not just miss out on opportunities, they are also susceptible to getting caught on the downward debt spiral that is increasingly difficult to escape from.

For people with no disposable monthly income it only takes something like a diwali or a birthday party to force them to "rob Sanket to pay Ashwin".

The health problems doesn't tend to fix themselves. What might have been a slightly expensive dentist bill will, the longer it's neglected, snowball into very expensive bill at some point in future.

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