I am always tired

Are you feeling like, you couldn't focus on one thing right?, Could not maintain regularity, Not eating properly, Being stressed out, the task at hand looks so daunting. This might be due to tiredness. Yes it is a real thing.

Few things contribute to this:

  1. Binge watching

  2. Screen usage before bedtime

  3. Not exercising or walking

  4. Sleeping all day

  5. thinking about things that are not in our control.

There is chance that this might last for months. You feel chronically tired. You could work focused for a month and for the next one or two months you will not feel purposeful and the work you would do will be half-hearted.


Simple, make sure you watch less, exercise regularly or simple walk while talking on phone, sleep at night only, and decrease the your exposure to news.

Work in chunks like take a break every half-an-hour.

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