Practicing self care

How to care for ourselves?

Before answering this question, let us see the various parts of life.


Regular medical checkups, eating properly.


How are our interests?

  1. these are our personal assets

  2. make sure to keep them in check, If we are compromising for somebody's sake our we tend to suppress our interests. And assume the other person's interests.


The high, medium and lows of the day. They tend to present themselves as permanent, with understanding and practice we will be able to navigate the emotional landscape for the better.

If the emotions are intense, do a timed activity for 25 mins. You will feel better.


Do you have a one year plan. If not, start with a week plan and graduate to a year.

Simply by planning we tend to keep odds in our favor. Example goal, this week I will eat fruits 5 times.


Caring is O.K. But, understand that the people are pretty capable themselves. Slowly minimize your commitments to crucial ones.

Going out of your way to help colleagues? -

Stick to the tasks in your job description, and complete them. If you have time, help only when you know they really need help. see


In movies or in general romance might end up being in the top. It is a part of our life.

We care about others. A simple recall, when we talk to others the same way we talk to ourselves - sometimes it will be labeled harassment. This might be because no one hears what we talk to ourselves.

We have a responsibility to care for ourselves. 💖

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