24 hours before an exam

What to do during 24 hours before the exam

Keep all the material (textbook, prints, image scans) required for the exam ready in one place.


If you have spent your time procrastinating then start now. It's okay, you kept thinking that you will do it later since you had time. Start with the an interesting topic to gain momentum. Now, write down the list of topics you would be able to grasp that are useful for the exam. Do active practice, write them on whiteboard (if you have one) or a simple paper and read out loud. Do not keep score too high. Increase goal with preparation.

If you have studied well with planning over last 4 weeks or so, then note down the key points and topics. Make sure you are conversant with them first. After that increase your span to the topics that need active attention. Write them down as bullet points with reading out loud.

If you are feeling your attention is about to get scattered, take a deep breath and hold for a moment.

Test knowledge

  • Do a small test, for example for a two hour exam - take a 20 min test to assess the exam readiness. This is in the before the deep revision. So, that you could identify the strength points and weaker areas. In this example, 5 out of 9 questions are correct - so let's work mistakes.

  • Revisit assessments or test papers you have done previously with their answers. (It helps a lot!)

Eat and Walk

Eat a simple meal wholeheartedly. Drink plenty of water. Of course, shower please. Shower won't decrease your chances of success. My Math teacher used to say "if you want to by heart, take a shower in the morning and start reading - you will do great". This works for theory exams!.

After every two hours, take a walk outside or inside, for 5 - 15 minutes.

Plan logistics

Make sure you have the relevant items ready.

Be determined and focused. You will do fine.

Protip: If know Pomodoro timer, use it. see How to use Pomodoro. Else, feel free to study with timing you are comfortable with.

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