Keep scrolling

Keep watching, scrolling, and checking out profiles, shiny things

What is it?

To decide onto which framework or tool to use for a task, I search for a lot of things. Many times, I only search and searching. But, what I do not realize is that the more we invest into only one step, it is possible to get into the research trap as they call it.
This seemingly harmless exploration feels as if I have made with all those tools. These all are in mind, and nothing is created here. Ideas in itself have no value, unless noted, worked upon and instrumented to solve the problems in needed domain.
Once in a while I start with enthusiasm, first few items after that it feels there are even more shinier things, at the end of the session; I have nothing. Nothing to show for the time spent.

Use case

Exploratory session timing
(session + break)
Randomly spending time with a lot of people
and at the end of the party, no is there with us.
(45 + 15) min
Social network
Opened twitter feed over garlic bread related
tweets, and still in the loop of finding all the fans. Endless for at least an hour.
(15 + 5) min
Finding the right markdown editor
(25 + 5) min
Design Engineering
The structural analysis mesh configuration.
  • Line model/FEM model
  • How much approximation
  • Structural configuration (box structure, integrated structure)
(Half day + 1 hr.)
Which framework to use
  • Vue.js, React.js, node.js
  • Database tool - Prisma, PostgreSQL
(25 + 5) min
Cloud Architecture
Which set of tools to use from a cloud provider
  • API logic to be implemented in the lambda function itself?
  • To use a native service or implement a service from the scratch
(1:45 + 15) min

What to do

1 Exploratory session + take break

Use an exploratory session during which you search for the interest for a certain period of time after which you would take a small break. For example, How to use Pomodoro/what-to-do-in-Pomodoro break.
The exploratory session timings are mentioned in the above table as a start. This would confine our attention span with plenty time for digestion.

2 Be with end purpose in the mind

Clarity in the purpose of the work will reveal incremental with each step tested and noted. So, that we can build upon the previous step.

3 Stop and keep building

Our purpose is to serve the purpose not to get entangled in the intermediary tools or processes. The best way is to just make things and run/test them. This would give our ideas flux, a structure and a native validity.