Should I build a personal brand?

Identify the purpose of my life

Build technical expertise, perform well and contribute in my field. Build emotional intelligence. Create social fabric and relevant support for this purpose.

Social Proof

It help people to trust without the hurdle of evaluating but to base the judgement on the aspects like education, affiliations etc.

Create content

Here you ask, what's the point?. It is too hard for the content to go viral. That is not the goal. Here is my twitter profile. People started noticing me after an year. Create simple but unique content.

The fact that you’re the one creating content, rather than simply quoting others, makes you an expert in many people’s eyes. - Dorie Clark

I keep writing inside our company the things like tips, explanatory documents, blog and videos. So, whenever someone asks me how to do something, I just say "Hey, I have written an article about, can I send it to you?".


A wide well built network expose you to ideas, validates yours, and help refine my approaches. Recognition of your work in the field by expert peers will be seen as authentic.

We should try our best to publish our work or share our ideas publicly so that people can validate the credibility.


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