Resilience and relationship

Building resilience around daily life

Calmness and strength when faced with difficulty is an important characteristic. We face difficulties around workplace, at home, relationships, or bureaucracy.

Resilience is an approach to the difficulty in an objective, focused, and open manner. This skill can be learned with practice and transferable to other aspects of life.

How to solve challenges

  1. See everyday problems as opportunities to build resilience. Develop skills in

  2. Try to manage these setback by reacting with humor, optimism, strength and rationality.

  3. Think through the problem in a good frame of mind over a period of time. Wait!

  4. Describe the problem more vividly, this would help keep the actual problem from emotional flux. So, you could find a simple, actionable solution.

  5. Write things down. See the problem the you have solved, keep context. After a year or two you might forget the context, but this solutions might be a starting point for even more complex problem.


Test of time, misunderstandings, separation shall test the strength of relationship.

  • Listen to the partner not just when an issue arises. Regularly talk, play, tease, share and keep the link intact. It is better to ask and listen than to assume.

  • Learn the boundaries and do not get disappointed. People chose to be with us. If you feel disappointed share with them.

  • Take responsibility for your own emotions.


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