Few pieces to read before breakfast

1 Stay consistent

No matter what you are doing. Coding, gardening, love, friendship, cooking, learning. Do it regularly. Keep a simple schedule and follow that.

Regardless of the kind of skill you are improving, consistency makes you better than yesterday.

2 Never quit your job

One of your friends making a lot of money online from a side project. It is important that their timeline may not be same as yours.

Do not quit your job. You should earn more than your monthly salary at least for 3 months to actually think about quitting. If you are planning to be on social media, minimum 50k followers are required.

3 Stay Humble and friendly

If any of the colleague asks for explanation about any project or the tech that you are using. Always respond with "I am glad to explain, ....., thank you".

Being a friendly is one great factor for a programmer. If you do not feel in not so good mood, try to take some rest and get back to work.

4 Do not make any decision when you are sad or happy

Decision to be taken with sufficient time for thinking. Tell people that you will get back with verdict in a short while.

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