Qwiklabs tips and tricks


Quest - Specialized list of topics for completion of a complex task. Also, called learning path
Lab - An individual set of instructions with compute resource provisioned for a fixed duration. Labs cannot be paused. A lab can contain an automated assessment program to verify the progress.

1 Learning progress

Golden yellow bar indicates the progress of the quest.
Learning progress

2 Completed Learning

See all of the learning in at one place over months at
See gap areas by hovering mouse over the Incomplete lab as in the figure shown.

3 Paying attention

If you find it difficult to complete the longer labs (more than 45 mins), see How to use Pomodoro. Simply,
  • Work in 25 min chunks
  • Take a 5 min break
  • In the break, either take a walk or
  • reflect on the steps you have followed.

Table - work timetable

First, 25 mins
5 mins
25 mins
5 mins
25 mins
Read instructions and work the steps
Walk or Reflect on the previous steps
Work on the further steps
Reflect on the previous steps

Qwiklabs Credits

Apply for qwiklabs credits at, to receive one month credits worth $50.